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Swiss Red Cross Gala - Morges, Switzerland (6/9/07)





















Shania attends the official opening of the new Motatapu Track that
runs through her New Zealand property in Wanaka (3/13/08)




Vidcaps (Thanks to Rita - Shania Twain Italian Fan Club)

Vidcaps (Shania Twain Fan Club France)

HELLO! Canada (March 31, 2008)


Shania shopping in Huntsville, Ontario, Canada (5/18/08)

People (6/2/08)

Us Weekly (6/2/08)

National Enquirer (6/2/08)

People (6/9/08)

National Enquirer (6/9/08)

Country Weekly (6/16/08)

National Enquirer (6/16/08)

Shania catches a flight out of Muskoka, Ontario after visiting family in Canada (5/30/08)

HELLO! Canada (6/16/08)

Quick & Simple Weekly (7/15/08)

Shania arriving at Pearson Airport in Toronto (7/13/08)


  Star magazine 7/28/08  Country Weekly 8/25/08  

Shania on a dock in Huntsville, Ontario, Canada (7/22/08)

Shania at Pearson Airport in Toronto (July 2008)

Shania at Pearson Airport in Toronto (8/4/08)


Shania walking out of a liquor store in Huntsville, Ontario, Canada (8/11/08)

Shania takes her son Eja out for some birthday ice cream in Huntsville, Ontario, Canada (8/11/08)

       People 8/25/08  Star 8/25/08

Shania has some red wine with a couple of male friends at her cottage on Lake of Bays in Huntsville, Ontario, Canada (August 2008)



Shania spends some time with Eja at her cottage on Lake of Bays in Huntsville, Ontario, Canada (August 2008)


Star (9/1/08)

Country Weekly (10/6/08)

Star (12/8/08)

Shania arrives at New York's JFK International Airport from Switzerland with Frederic Thiébaud,
the ex-husband of Twain's former best friend, Marie-Anne Thiébaud, who sources say broke
up Shania's marriage to Robert "Mutt" Lange (12/4/08)

High Quality


Shania and Frederic Thiébaud go shopping at Kmart, go skydiving, share lunch on the terrace of
Help Yourself restaurant and take a stroll along Duval Street in Key West, Florida (12/7/08)

After a nearly 3 1/2 hour drive through the Florida Keys in their rented Toyota
4-Runner Shania and Frederic Thiebaud arrive at the Regent Hotel in Bal
Harbour (Miami Beach) where they spent 3 nights (12/8/08)

Shania and Frederic Thiebaud depart Miami International Airport.
Destination..... one of the most romantic cities in the world. (12/11/07)

Shania and Frederic Thiébaud in Paris, France (12/13/08)

PEOPLE (12/22/08)

National Enquirer (12/22/08)

Star (12/22/08)

Us Weekly (12/22/08)

In Touch Weekly (12/22/08)

HELLO! Canada (12/22/08)

PEOPLE (12/29/08)

National Enquirer (12/29/08)

Us Weekly (12/29/08)

National Examiner (12/29/08)

HELLO! Canada - Special Holiday Issue (1/12/09)

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