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Shania's Motatapu Station property near Wanaka, New Zealand in the South Island
(Under construction - 2007)
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(Pictures taken by David NZ on my message board - 2009)
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Entrance gate to road leading to Shania's house.   Bridge just before gate. The bridge is over the Motatapu Gorge River.   Shania's house and the driveway leading up to it.   Motatapu track with an arrow pointing to Shania's house on top of the ridge beside the track.

Overview.  Motatapu Track sign.   Intersection of Motatapu Road and Mt Aspiring Road in Glendhu Bay.

Us Weekly (2/16/09)

First (3/30/09)

Shania and Frederic Thiébaud in Cairo, Egypt (5/2/09)
*Note: Pictures were sent in by someone saying they spotted Shania and Frederic

   Shania with a fan

Swiss Red Cross Gala - Morges, Switzerland (6/6/09)




Watermarked pictures ( - Frederic Thiébaud pictured in last pictuure.

Shania's birthday surprise message (8/19/09)

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