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Shania at the Shania Twain Centre with Eja, Carrie-Ann & Frederic in the background (12/30/09)
Mushkwekowuk Mother Clan Singers, White Stone Cree Singers and Bear Paw Singers perform for Shania and her family

Shania carrying the Olympic torch the final 400 yards into Hollinger Park in Timmins,
Ontario, Canada on day 64 of the 2010 Winter Olympics torch relay (1/1/10)

High Quality



Pics taken by Ren from the Shania Twain Centre
Taken by Ren from Shania Twain Centre Taken by Ren from Shania Twain Centre Taken by Ren from Shania Twain Centre

Pics taken by "Megan789" from The Shania Forums


Shania donating her Olympic torch and uniform to the Shania Twain Centre in Timmins, Ontario, Canada (1/2/10)

Pics taken by Ren from the Shania Twain Centre

Pics taken by Facebook user

Anna-Maria Tremonti, host of "The Current," interviews Shania about her own experiences with child poverty
and her new charity Shania Kids Can (1/7/10)

Shania and Frederic Thiébaud in Toronto, Ontario, Canada (1/7/10)
Metro newspaper in Toronto - 1/8/10

HELLO! Canada (1/18/10)

PEOPLE (1/18/10)

HELLO! Canada (1/25/10)

HELLO! Canada (4/26/10)

Swiss Red Cross Gala - Geneva, Switzerland (5/29/10)
Pictures from Rita who finally got to meet Shania!


Watermarked pictures

HELLO! Canada (6/14/10)

PEOPLE (6/21/10)

Shania at the Monte Carlo Television Festival held at Grimaldi Forum in Monaco (6/7/10)

Shania, Eja & Frederic Thiébaud celebrate her 45th birthday at her cottage in Huntsville, Ontario, Canada (8/28/10)

Shania & Frederic Thiébaud attend the Nashville Predators vs. Los Angeles Kings hockey game in Los Angeles, CA (11/6/10)
In the third pic, Shania poses with Drew Doughty #8 of the Los Angeles Kings after the game.

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