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Shania skiing in Villars, Switzerland (1/4/14)
Last day in Switzerland before heading back to the other side of the Atlantic. First show back in #Vegas is on January 22nd so working off the #holiday food gorging.

Shania working out at the gym (1/7/14)
Getting ready for Vegas starting in two weeks. I'm at the end of my bike workout, hence the "I've had it!" face.
Have to push myself to get started but once I'm done I'm so happy I did. Can you relate?

Shania loves her pets [left to right: Skipper, Jett & Melody] (1/10/14)
Just love my pets, they follow me everywhere all day long.

Shania attending the Starlight Global Foundation Concert in Nassau City, Bahamas (1/11/14)

Shania going out for a walk in the Bahamas (1/15/14)
Out for a power walk to burn off the holiday weight. Ugh! Back on stage the 22nd! #ShaniaInVegas #Fitness

Shania to announce big news on January 16 (1/15/14)
So excited to share some HUGE news tomorrow!! #MapleTweets

Shania horseback riding in the Mojave Desert (2/8/14)
We're enjoying an off stage outing just minutes from the strip on a none show day. Hard to believe we're in the Mojave Desert.

Shania checking out "Rose. Rabbit. Lie." at the Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas, NV (2/13/14)
Shania with magician and comedian Piff the Magic Dragon and his assistant Mr. Piffles

2/23/14 - After seeing @RoseRabbitLie I got to meet the biggest, little star of the show, Mr. Piffles. So sweet! #RoseRabbitLie

Valentine's Day morning in Las Vegas, NV (2/14/14)
HAPPY #VALENTINESDAY! I woke up to a love adorned hallway this morning. Love is all we need!

Shania horseback riding in Lake Wanaka, New Zealand (2/26/14)
Love my Tennessee Walker Tango! We have been close friends for 18 years. He's well in his twenties now
but still very young at heart! We're out taking in the view of Lake Wanaka from a hilltop in New Zealand.

Shania with her horse Tango in Lake Wanaka, New Zealand (2/28/14)
Oh my sweet, old friend Tango. Dusty here after rolling in the sand. He likes his cuddles. #horses

Shania and her cat Skipper at her home in the Bahamas (3/3/14)
Finally home after a few weeks away. My cat Skipper won't leave my side!

Shania thanks her 4 million Facebook fans (3/13/14)
Thank you to all of my Facebook Fans!

Shania playing street hockey in the Bahamas (3/20/14)
Playing street hockey with my son & friends. I'm in goal here and got my share of bruises to prove it. Helps keep me in shape for the upcoming shows!

Shania's cat Skipper relaxing in a safe (3/25/14)
Skipper feeling safe.

Shania's cat Skipper having a coconut treat (3/28/14)
Skipper loves coconut so I give him my leftovers every morning.

Shania stretching out on the beach in the Bahamas (4/1/14)
Super setting to stretch out, just living in the moment…

Shania watching wild pigs on the beach in the Bahamas (4/8/14)
Taking a break from songwriting + visiting the 'wild pigs on a beach’. Good song title? #WildPigsOnTheBeach

Shania's dog Melody swimming in the ocean in the Bahamas (4/11/14)
My dog Melody waiting for me to stop taking pictures and dive in!

Shania relaxing on the beach in the Bahamas (4/19/14)
Soaking up the humidity before heading back to the desert for more shows! Have a great #Easter weekend!!!

Happy Easter from Shania (4/21/14)
Happy Easter Monday!

Shania at a music store in Toronto, Ontario, Canada (4/27/14)
Pitstop at a music store in Toronto to check out what's new!

Shania & Frederic attending Britney Spears' "Piece Of Me" concert at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas, NV (5/3/14)

Shania going for a bike ride in Las Vegas, NV (5/5/14)
Nice day for a bike ride.

Happy Mother's Day from Shania (5/11/14)
It's beautiful to be loved! HAPPY MOHTER'S DAY to all the amazing mothers out there today and every day.

Shania holding a Q&A session on Twitter (5/22/14)
Just got done with rehearsals, lets do this! Can't wait to hear your questions. Don't forget to tag, #AskShania

That was a blast. I will leave you with a sneak-peek of the rehearsals for the @calgarystampede! #AskShania

Shania attending Bruno Mars' concert in Las Vegas, NV (5/23/14)
5/24/14 - Hanging w/ @BrunoMars after his amazing show last night. Catch him on tour if you haven't seen him!

Shania visiting her Shania Kids Can Clubhouse at Tom Williams Elementary School in Las Vegas, NV (5/27/14)

Shania with Renee Bargh from "Extra"

Shania backstage at Frank Marino's "Divas Las Vegas" show at The Quad Resort & Casino in Las Vegas, NV (5/27/14)
The real @ShaniaTwain was introduced to Andrew Ryan as Shania, by @DivasLV star Frank Marino.

Shania with her dog Jett and cat Skipper who she adopted from the Bahamas Humane Society (5/28/14)
Lucky Jett, the Bahamian Potcake rescued from the streets of Nassau, and his buddy Skipper the cat, live where many humans would like to the arms of superstar Shania Twain… Shania, known for her great musical successes including "Man! I Feel Like A Woman!", is a long time and generous supporter of the Bahamas Humane Society, having come forward in a time of need when five starving horses were rescued from the island of Eleuthera in the Fall of 2013…. This photograph shows the animal loving star with her two Bahamian buddies, both animals typify the street cats and dogs looking for good homes in the Bahamas....There are many dogs and cats at the BHS shelter looking for a loving home…won't you follow Shania Twain's lead and adopt one?

Shania backstage at The Backstreet Boys/Avril Lavigne concert at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino in Las Vegas, NV (5/30/14)
Avril Lavigne: Thank you to the beautiful Shania Twain for coming to my show...

Shania Twain: Reuniting with Canadian friends @AvrilLavigne and husband Chad Kroeger backstage after Avril's concert at Planet Hollywood!

Shania partying with The Backstreet Boys at Chateau Nightclub & Rooftop at Paris Las Vegas (5/30/14)

Shania partying with Carrot Top in Las Vegas, NV (6/6/14)
Thanks to @RealCarrotTop for saving me some calories by stealing my donut!

Shania attending Jay Leno's stand-up comedy show at the Atlantis resort in Paradise Island, Bahamas (6/15/14)
Nice to see @JayLeno again. Sweet man and the show was such great fun!

Shania receives a "Share A Coke" personalized bottle (6/17/14)
Thanks to my new friends at @DietCoke for the #ShareACoke personalized bottle. Almost too cool to drink!

Shania singing in the car (6/18/14)
Singing along to @MatthewKoma in the car last night.

Shania sitting wrapped in a towel outside her home in the Bahamas (6/26/14)
Hot tamales for breakfast!

Shania horseback riding (7/2/14)
Heading out for a canter on a friend's endurance horse!

Shania opens Shania Kids Can Clubhouse at Catherine Nichols Gunn school in Calgary, Alberta, Canada (7/7/14)

Shania holding a Q&A session on Facebook (7/14/14)

Shania finds a puppy while performing at the 2014 Calgary Stampede in Calgary, Alberta, Canada
7/16/14 - Found this little cutie at a gas station last week in Canada. Someone from our team gave her a happy home!

7/24/14 - PUPDATE: The puppy we rescued on our way back from Canada to Vegas is happy and doing GREAT! We named #Roady!

Shania & Frederic dining at Giada Vegas Italian restaurant in Las Vegas, NV (7/21/14)
Giada Vegas: Special guest in the Giada Vegas kitchen!! Shania Twain and her handsome hubby!

7/22/14 @ShaniaTwain - Had an amazing meal at @GiadaVegas last night. She is so talented and so sweet. A must while in #Vegas!

Shania vacationing in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada (8/7/14)
Feeling good and enjoying some outdoor time in #Vancouver this week!

Shania attending Rogers Cup tennis tournament in Toronto, Ontario, Canada (8/13/14)
Great memories from last week's Rogers Tennis cup in Toronto. | @rogerscupto | #RogersCup

Shania sitting around a campfire in Canada (8/17/14)
Canadian campfire.

Shania celebrating her birthday at her home in the Bahamas (8/28/14)
This is what I woke up to this morning! Thanks for the birthday love! Let's celebrate Saturday night in PEI!

Shania standing on top of her car in the Bahamas (9/8/14)
Missing the stage…Can't wait to get back to #Vegas for my last shows at the Colosseum Oct. 8th-Dec. 13th!

Shania horseback riding on the beach in the Bahamas (9/11/14)
See you next month, #Vegas. In the meantime I'll be writing new music and riding horses!

Shania opens Shania Kids Can Clubhouse at Sir Winston Churchill public school in Brampton, Ontario, Canada (9/19/14)

Shania with Brian Woodland (school board Public Relations)

Shania with Ben Mulroney from "eTalk"


Shania attends Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids) Bliss Ball at The Garrison Common
at Fort York National Historic Site in Toronto, Ontario, Canada (9/20/14)

Shania writing new music in Las Vegas, NV (10/5/14)
Working on a new song today!

Shania planting flowers on her balcony in Las Vegas, NV (10/7/14)
Today I planted flowers on my #Vegas balcony... Tomorrow I'm back on stage at the Colosseum!!

Shania hanging out with Olivia Newton-John in Las Vegas, NV (10/8/14)
Love her, she still looks and sounds amazing! #Grease

Shania riding on the High Roller ferris wheel with its manager James Donahue in Las Vegas, NV (10/9/14)

Shania backstage with comedians Felicia Michaels and Bob Zany at the Laugh Factory comedy club in Las Vegas, NV (10/9/14)

Robin Leach interviewing Shania at one of Caesars Palace's luxury villas in Las Vegas, NV (10/10/14)

Shania & Frederic catching a performance of Cirque du Soleil's "Michael Jackson ONE" at Mandalay Bay Resort in Las Vegas, NV (10/12/14)
10/13/14 @MandalayBay - It was great to have @ShaniaTwain stop by and catch last nights performance of #MJONE! @Cirque

Shania hiking around Mt. Charleston near Las Vegas, NV (10/20/14)
10/21/14 - Walking around Mt Charleston yesterday. So beautiful & only 25 mins from the #Vegas Strip. Back on stage tonight!

Shania attending the Vancouver Canucks hockey game at Rogers Arena in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada (10/31/14)

Shania working on new music in the recording studio (11/10/14)
Happy to be back in the studio working on my new record!

Shania working on new music (11/22/14)
Writing, writing, writing.

Shania on Christmas day at her home in Switzerland (12/25/14)
Merry Christmas from Lake Geneva!!!

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