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Shania celebrating New Years in Switzerland (1/1/16)
Happy New Year 2016!

Shania and her dog Jett at her home in the Bahamas (1/12/16)
Jett prefers his cuddles on the couch. #cuddles

Shania riding endurance horses with members of the United States Equestrian Federation in Ocala, FL (1/22/16)
Had a blast riding endurance horses in Ocala, FL with Heather & Jeremy Reynolds, members of the US Endurance Team!

Shania working on new music in the recording studio at her home in the Bahamas (1/25/16)
Fun times in the studio... #makingmusic #studio

Shania attending a soccer game in the Bahamas (1/30/16)
Game On! Saturday soccer breakfast. :)

Shania working on new music at her home in the Bahamas (2/1/16)
Monday songwritng. #music

Shania listening to music at her home in the Bahamas (2/4/16)
Playlist good & loud: Ghost Town @adamlambert - Rumors @PepandRash - They @motleycrue - White Rabbit @SandervanDoorn

Shania working on new music (2/7/16)
2/8 - From Jude Cole: Missed Superbowl yesterday but had more fun playing guitar (and banjo- first banjo session ever!) for Shania Twain.

Shania relaxing and taking a coffee break (2/9/16)
Tuesday Morning #coffeebreak

Shania attending Adele concert at The Wiltern Theatre in Los Angeles, CA (2/12/16)
Waiting for Adele! #adele

Valentine's Day in the Bahamas (2/14/16)
My husband redecorated for Valentine's Day!! Sending Love to my fans and friends on this very special day. XO

Shania getting in her car (2/20/16)
Starting my day! Wishing you all a great weekend! #Saturday

Shania working on new music at her home in the Bahamas (2/26/16)
Friday. #music

Shania visiting Las Vegas, NV to attend Celine Dion's show at The Colosseum at Caesars Palace (3/2/16)
So happy to be back in Vegas! #Vegas

Shania attending Rascal Flatts show at The Joint at Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, NV (3/5/16)
Pictured with Shania is Rascal Flatts band member Joe Don Rooney and his wife Tiffany Fallon.
3/6 - From @RascalFlatts: @tiffallon said ANY MAN OF MINE is gonna get a pic with me & Shania Twain
no arm twistin required to snap a pic with these 2 beauties last night at The Joint at Hard Rock Hotel & Casino

3/17 - From @ShaniaTwain: So much fun catching up with these guys in Vegas a few weeks back! #Vegas #tbt #RascalFlatts @rascalflatts

Shania watching the sunset on the beach in the Bahamas (3/16/16)
These Sunsets never get old! #goodtobehome #beachlife

Shania attending Ultra Music Festival in Miami, FL (3/21/16)
Ultra Music Festival Miami! #ultra #miami

Shania attending The Rolling Stones concert at Havana's Sports City football and baseball fields in Havana, Cuba (3/25/16)
History in the making... #rollingstones #havana #cuba #music #historyinthemaking
Pictured with Shania is a photographer for Vistar magazine in Cuba

Shania relaxing on the beach in the Bahamas (4/13/16)
Taking a break from the studio, need to recharge! #funinthesun

Shania's dogs Jett and Melody at her home in the Bahamas (5/2/16)
Spending too much time away from these guys at the moment. Hope they like the album at the end of it all!

Happy Mother's Day from Shania (5/8/16)
Happy Mothers Day!

Shania taking a selfie with a manikin (5/11/16)

Shania and a fan in Miami, FL (May 2016)

Shania attending Justin Bieber concert at Air Canada Centre in Toronto, Ontario, Canada (5/19/16)
Sorry #PurposeTour #JustinBieber

Shania with Rap artist Post Malone

Shania attending Game 3 of Eastern Conference Finals between the Cleveland Cavaliers
and Toronto Raptors at Air Canada Centre in Toronto, Ontario, Canada (5/21/16)

Exciting game!!! #Raptors

Shania traveling on an airplane to Nashville, TN (6/8/16)
Setting out to pay my second home a visit... On the way to Nashville!

Shania at Blackbird recording studio in Nashville, TN (6/10/16)
From @elimfcash (Eli Beaird - bassist): Hard at work with Lowell, @shaniatwain and @tronian

From @krisdonegan (Kris Donegan - guitarist): Sometimes a song needs something, and sometimes
that something is tequila. Pictured left to right: Shania, Drum Jesus and expert bartender Jacquire King.

6/11 - From @tronian (Ian Fitchuk - producer/songwriter): Saturday with Shania and friends. Everything is sounding groovy.

Shania vacationing in Aspen, CO (6/23/16)
Inspiring Colorado #colorado #aspen

Shania working on new music (6/29/16)
Making amazing progress on the new album... the songs are flowing!

Happy Canada Day (7/1/16)
Happy Canada Day! #fbf #CanadaDay

Shania working on new music (7/4/16)
Happy 4th of July! Celebrate where you can... Even at work!

Shania at Sticky Studios in Windlesham, Surrey, England (7/6/16)
From producer @JakeGosling: Been a pleasure working with @shaniatwain on her new album. I can't wait for you to hear. #friends

Shania visiting a horse park in England (7/7/16)
What to do on a studio break in England.

Shania vacationing in Switzerland (7/14/16)
One of my favorite parts of Switzerland.

Shania attending the Montreux Jazz Festival in Switzerland (July 2016)
7/24 - Fun time at the iconic 50th @MontreuxJazz Festival last week! Always such an incredible musical experience. #mjf50

From @mirko_manfredi 7/17 - Having a nice #raclette with my dear @shaniatwain and @woodkidmusic in #caux
#fun #lepicotin #claudenobs #claudenobschalet #swisscheese #montain #mountainview #comeonover #up
#shaniatwain #woodkid #woodkidmusic #montreuxjazzfestival #montreuxjazz #me #sun #sunglasses

From @mirko_manfredi 10/28 - Last July... @woodkidmusic & @shaniatwain in #caux #claudenobschalet @montreuxjazzfestival
Hope they will do something together soon! Great #artist #songwriter #icon #bestsellingartistofalltime #bestsellingfemaleartist

Shania attending the Paléo Festival in Nyon, Switzerland (July 2016)
7/27 - Seeing a lot of fantastic shows lately! Thanks to @IronMaiden & the @PaleoFestival Nyon in Switzerland.

Shania working on new music (8/3/16)
On a roll...

Shania having dinner with producers Jake Gosling & Chris Leonard in Switzerland (8/3/16)
From @jakegosling (producer): 3 amigos @shaniatwain @mrchrisleonardpics #newmusic

Shania and producer/songwriter Chris Leonard working on new music in Switzerland (8/4/16)
From @mrchrisleonardpics (producer/songwriter): Chocolate or apples? @shaniatwain

Shania working on new music (8/5/16)
Told you I was on a roll...

Shania and Cassadee Pope attending Twenty One Pilots concert at Ascend Amphitheater in Nashville, TN (8/7/16)
8/8 - From @CassadeePope: Thanks so much for the pic, @ShaniaTwain! It meant the world to meet you. <3

8/8 - From @ShaniaTwain: So great to be at the @twentyonepilots show last night in Nashville. Very talented and super nice guys!

Shania visiting Leiper's Fork, TN (8/14/16)
I think I was the bigger fan in this meeting. Making friends in Leiper's Fork, TN!

Shania attending Drake concert at Bridgestone Arena in Nashville, TN (8/14/16)
8/15 - From Drake (@champagnepapi) on Instagram: My WCW even though it's Monday. Shania.
8/15 - From @ShaniaTwain: AMAZING show, such a wonderful guy!

Shania and Wynonna Judd attending Dixie Chicks concert at Bridgestone Arena in Nashville, TN (8/17/16)
8/18 - From Wynonna (@WyononnaMusic): What a blessing to get to hang backstage
in Nashville w/ my Sisterfriends @ShaniaTwain & @dixiechicks! #GirlPower

Shania taking a rest at a gas station (8/19/16)
Everybody needs a rest stop now and again...

Shania attending a Professional Bull Riders event in Nashville, TN (8/20/16)
Nashville moments...

Shania attending Celine Dion concert at Centre Videotron in Quebec City, Quebec, Canada (8/25/16)
pictured with Celine's orchestra

Shania enthusiastically singing a song (9/13/16)
Sing it back!

Shania, her husband Frederic and a friend in the Bahamas (9/17/16)

Shania doing some house cleaning at her home in the Bahamas (9/24/16)
Work work work work work :-)

Shania getting ready for Hurricane Matthew at her home in the Bahamas (10/5/16)
Prepared for hurricane Matthew yesterday. Keeping anyone caught in the path of that devastating hurricane in my thoughts today. <3

Shania and Frederic attending the Jingle Ball concert at Staples Center in Los Angeles, CA (12/2/16)
From @CAnder723 (Cory Anderson): All smiles! #RockThisCountry reunion, always inspired after talking to my favorite #ArtistOfALifetime #jingleball2016

Shania and Frederic dining with Richard Marx and Daisy Fuentes (12/6/16)
Dinner with some fabulous friends <3 @DaisyFuentes @richardmarx

Shania attending Mariah Carey's "All I Want For Christmas Is You" show at Beacon Theatre in New York City (12/7/16)
Always so nice to see @MariahCarey! Great night at the 'All I Want For Christmas' show.

Shania out and about in New York City (12/13/16)
Thank you for having me New York!

Shania on Christmas day at her home in Switzerland (12/25/16)
Wishing you all a cosy Christmas spent with loved ones!

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