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Happy New Year from Shania (1/1/18)
Happy new year from Gstaad Switzerland!

Shania singing and playing her guitar (1/2/18)
It's 2018 and that means I can say... I'm going on tour this year!! I can't wait for us to sing my songs together!

Shania serving as a mentor on "The Launch" (Airdate: 1/10/18 | Recorded: 10/2/17)
shania_thelaunch011018_promo1 shania_thelaunch011018_promo6 shania_thelaunch011018_promo7 shania_thelaunch011018_promo2hq

shania_thelaunch011018_promo4a shania_thelaunch011018_promo3 shania_thelaunch011018_promo5

Shania and her dogs Jett and Melody at her home in the Bahamas (1/23/18)
Seconds before this photo was taken I told Jett he couldn't come on tour with me... BUT you guys can!
Get your tickets to my #ShaniaNOW Tour at

Shania attending the Backstreet Boys "Larger Than Life" residency show at The AXIS at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas, NV (2/16/18)
shania_backstreetboys_theaxisplanethollywood021618_2 shania_backstreetboys_theaxisplanethollywood021618_3 shania_backstreetboys_theaxisplanethollywood021618_4

Shania attending Diana Ross residency show at Encore Theater at the Wynn Resort & Casino in Las Vegas, NV (2/17/18)
What an amazing show @DianaRoss put on!

Shania and her dogs Melody and Jett at her home in the Bahamas (3/23/18)
#NationalPuppyDay!! (they're still puppies to me)
shania_bahamasmelodyjett032318_1 shania_bahamasmelodyjett032318_2

Shania and her dog Melody at her home in the Bahamas (3/27/18)
She's not a fan of the fact that I'm leaving for tour.

Shania on "The Big Interview with Dan Rather" (Airdate: 4/3/18)
shania_danrather040318_2 shania_danrather040318_3 shania_danrather040318_4 shania_danrather040318_5

Shania attending the Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival at Empire Polo Club in Indio, CA (4/13/18)
4/14 - Good times at Coachella last night! @NICKIMINAJ @QuavoStuntin @theweeknd @FrencHMonTanA
shania_coachella041318_3 shania_coachella041318_4 shania_coachella041318_1 shania_coachella041318_2

4/15 - This is the return of the space cowboy!
Shania & Fred with Jamiroquai. "Space Cowboy" is a song from Jamiroquai's 1994 album The Return of Space Cowboy.
shania_coachella041318_4jamiroquai shania_coachella041418_1

Shania visiting Canadian Forces Base Esquimalt in Esquimalt, B.C., Canada (4/19/18)
shania_cfbesquimalt041918_jacketshania_cfbesquimalt041918_1 shania_cfbesquimalt041918_8 shania_cfbesquimalt041918_9

shania_cfbesquimalt041918_10 shania_cfbesquimalt041918_11 shania_cfbesquimalt041918_2 shania_cfbesquimalt041918_3

shania_cfbesquimalt041918_4 shania_cfbesquimalt041918_5 shania_cfbesquimalt041918_6 shania_cfbesquimalt041918_7

shania_cfbesquimalt041918_12 shania_cfbesquimalt041918_13 shania_cfbesquimalt041918_14 shania_cfbesquimalt041918_15

shania_cfbesquimalt041918_16 shania_cfbesquimalt041918_17 shania_cfbesquimalt041918_18 shania_cfbesquimalt041918_19

Shania on "TODAY" performing on Rockefeller Plaza in New York City (4/30/18)
Videos HERE
shania_todayshow043018_promo1 shania_todayshow043018_promo2 shania_todayshow043018_7 shania_todayshow043018_1

shania_todayshow043018_2 shania_todayshow043018_3 shania_todayshow043018_4 shania_todayshow043018_5

shania_todayshow043018_6 shania_todayshow043018_9 shania_todayshow043018_10 shania_todayshow043018_11

shania_todayshow043018_12 shania_todayshow043018_13 shania_todayshow043018_14 shania_todayshow043018_15

shania_todayshow043018_16 shania_todayshow043018_17 shania_todayshow043018_18 shania_todayshow043018_19

shania_todayshow043018_20 shania_todayshow043018_21 shania_todayshow043018_27 shania_todayshow043018_28

shania_todayshow043018_29 shania_todayshow043018_30 shania_todayshow043018_31 shania_todayshow043018_32

shania_todayshow043018_33 shania_todayshow043018_34 shania_todayshow043018_35 shania_todayshow043018_36

shania_todayshow043018_37 shania_todayshow043018_38 shania_todayshow043018_39 shania_todayshow043018_40

shania_todayshow043018_41 shania_todayshow043018_22 shania_todayshow043018_8 shania_todayshow043018_23

shania_todayshow043018_24 shania_todayshow043018_25 shania_todayshow043018_26

Shania visiting Prince's Paisley Park in Chanhassen, MN (5/15/18)
An inspiring visit to Paisley Park today. It was a huge compliment when Prince reached out and offered to produce a record with me. I wish that I had been ready.

Shania visiting ConAgra Brands Foods in Omaha, NE while on tour (5/18/18)

Shania and her dog Melody at her home in the Bahamas (5/29/18)

Shania sightseeing in Tampa, FL while on tour (6/2/18)

Shania attending Billboard Country Power Players event at the WestEnd Kitchen & Bar at the Hutton Hotel in Nashville, TN (6/5/18)
Shania honored President and CEO of Sandbox Entertainment Jason Owen (her former manager) as he received the 2018 Executive Of The Year award.
billboardcountrypowerplayers060518_10 billboardcountrypowerplayers060518_11 billboardcountrypowerplayers060518_2 billboardcountrypowerplayers060518_18

billboardcountrypowerplayers060518_1 billboardcountrypowerplayers060518_20 billboardcountrypowerplayers060518_3 billboardcountrypowerplayers060518_8

billboardcountrypowerplayers060518_12 billboardcountrypowerplayers060518_7 billboardcountrypowerplayers060518_9 billboardcountrypowerplayers060518_6

billboardcountrypowerplayers060518_13 billboardcountrypowerplayers060518_14 billboardcountrypowerplayers060518_15 billboardcountrypowerplayers060518_16

billboardcountrypowerplayers060518_17 billboardcountrypowerplayers060518_4 billboardcountrypowerplayers060518_5 billboardcountrypowerplayers060518_19

Shania dining at Kiran's Indian restaurant in Houston, TX while on tour (6/8/18)

Shania in Little Rock, AR while on tour (6/12/18)

Shania out and about in Detroit, MI while on tour (6/15/18)

Shania on "Lip Sync Battle" Shania Twain tribute show (Airdate: 6/21/18 | Recorded: 10/22/17)
Had a blast on @LSB with @derekhough, @NicoleScherzy, @llcoolj & @chrissyteigen!
Tune in Thursday 10:30/9:30c on @ParamountNet. #LipSyncBattle

shania_lipsyncbattle062118_1 shania_lipsyncbattle062118_2 shania_lipsyncbattle062118_3 shania_lipsyncbattle062118_6

shania_lipsyncbattle062118_17 shania_lipsyncbattle062118_9 shania_lipsyncbattle062118_7 shania_lipsyncbattle062118_18

shania_lipsyncbattle062118_4 shania_lipsyncbattle062118_5 shania_lipsyncbattle062118_20 shania_lipsyncbattle062118_15

shania_lipsyncbattle062118_10 shania_lipsyncbattle062118_8 shania_lipsyncbattle062118_13 shania_lipsyncbattle062118_12

shania_lipsyncbattle062118_14 shania_lipsyncbattle062118_16 shania_lipsyncbattle062118_19 shania_lipsyncbattle062118_11 shania_lipsyncbattle062118_21

Shania out and about in Montreal, Quebec while on tour (6/26/18)
shania_montreal062618_1 shania_montreal062618_2 shania_montreal062618_3 shania_montreal062618_4

shania_montreal062618_5 shania_montreal062618_6 shania_montreal062618_7

Shania in Quebec City, Quebec while on tour (6/27/18)
Arrived in beautiful Quebec at 3am. See you guys at the show tomorrow!

Shania photo shoot for "Shark Week" 2018 (7/22/18)
shania-sharkweek2018-promo1 shania-sharkweek2018-promo2

Shania hanging out on the beach in the Bahamas (8/8/18)
Some downtime with the dogs before we're in Brazil! #ShaniaNOW

Shania flying to Barretos, São Paulo, Brazil for her concert at the Festa do Peão de Barretos rodeo festival (8/16/18)
Long flight to Brazil... thank goodness for good reading material! Can’t wait to see you all!

Shania horseback riding in Brazil (8/17/18)
Love Brazil!
shania_brazil_horse081718_1 shania_brazil_horse081718_3 shania_brazil_horse081718_2

Shania playing soccer in Barretos, São Paulo, Brazil (8/19/18)
Soccer in Barretos!
shania_brazil_soccer081918_1 shania_brazil_soccer081918_2

Shania leaving Barretos, São Paulo, Brazil after her concert at the Festa do Peão de Barretos rodeo festival (8/19/18)
Thank you for an unforgettable time, Brazil!
shania_nowtour_barettos081818_airplane081918_1 shania_nowtour_barettos081818_airplane081918_2

Shania vacationing in Las Vegas, NV (8/25/18)
Vegas Weekend!

Shania celebrating her birthday in Nashville, TN (8/28/18)
Thank you everyone for all the Birthday wishes!
shania_birthdayinnashville082818_1 shania_birthdayinnashville082818_2 shania_birthdayinnashville082818_3

Was away from home on my birthday and my beloved dogs were thinking of me. (Jett & Melody)

Shania outside Nashville Municipal Auditorium before day 1 of taping "Real Country" (8/28/18)
realcountry111318_nashville082818_1 realcountry111318_nashville082818_2

Shania out and about in Nashville, TN while taping "Real Country" (9/3/18)
Nashville NOW! #ShaniaNOW

Shania at her home in Switzerland (September 2018)
Whose turn is it to get it... (One of Shania's dogs, Melody)
shania_switzerland_melody091718_1 shania_switzerland_melody091718_2

Shania at Buck's Bar in Glasgow, Scotland while on tour (9/17/18)
Welcome to Glasgow!

Shania leaving Glasgow, Scotland while on tour (9/22/18)
A proper send off!
shania_glasgowairport092218_1 shania_glasgowairport092218_2

Shania at a restaurant in Birmingham, England while on tour (9/24/18)

Shania out in Dublin, Ireland while on tour (9/27/18)

Shania at her hotel in Belfast, Northern Ireland while on tour (9/29/18)

Shania at Deanes restaurant in Belfast, Northern Ireland while on tour (9/29/18)
First picture: Restaurant co-owner Kate Smith | Second picture: Resturant chef Alex Greene
shania_belfast_deanes092918_1 shania_belfast_deanes092918_2

Shania out and about in Munich, Germany while on tour (10/5/18)
So happy to be in beautiful Germany. We play Munich tonight, Cologne on 8th and Hamburg on 13th.
shania_munich100518_1 shania_munich100518_2

Shania landing at Prague, Czech Republic airport while on tour (10/6/18)

Shania out and about in Prague, Czech Republic while on tour (10/7/18)

Shania out and about in Brussels, Belgium while on tour (10/9/18)
shania_brussels100918_1 shania_brussels100918_2 shania_brussels100918_3

Shania out and about in Amsterdam, Netherlands while on tour (10/12/18)
Until next time Amsterdam! #ShaniaNOW
shania-amsterdam101218-1 shania-amsterdam101218-2

Shania judging the singing competition series "Real Country" (Premiere - 11/13/18)
realcountry111318-shaniapromo1 realcountry111318-shaniapromo2 realcountry111318-shaniapromo3 realcountry111318-shaniapromo4

realcountry111318-shaniapromo5 realcountry111318-promo1a realcountry111318-promo1b realcountry111318-promo1date

realcountry111318-promo3 realcountry111318-teamshania

Pictures on the set
realcountry111318-set9 realcountry111318-set1 realcountry111318-set2 realcountry111318-set3

realcountry111318-set4 realcountry111318-set5 realcountry111318-set10 realcountry111318-set11

realcountry111318-set6 realcountry111318-set7 realcountry111318-set8 realcountry111318-set12

realcountry111318-set13 realcountry111318-set14 realcountry111318-set15 realcountry111318-set16

realcountry111318-set17 realcountry111318-set18 realcountry111318-set19 realcountry111318-set20

realcountry111318-set21 realcountry111318-set22 realcountry111318-set23 realcountry111318-set24

realcountry111318-set25 realcountry111318-set26 realcountry111318-set27 realcountry111318-set28

realcountry111318-set30 realcountry111318-set29 realcountry111318-grahambunn

Red carpet
realcountry111318-redcarpet1 realcountry111318-redcarpet2 realcountry111318-redcarpet3 realcountry111318-redcarpet4 realcountry111318-redcarpet5

At the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville
realcountry111318-grandeoleopry1 realcountry111318-grandeoleopry4 realcountry111318-grandeoleopry2 realcountry111318-grandeoleopry5 shania-unknown121118-1

Vidcaps from promo
realcountry111318-promo-cap1 realcountry111318-promo-cap2 realcountry111318-promo-cap3 realcountry111318-promo-cap4

realcountry111318-promo-cap5 realcountry111318-promo-cap6 realcountry111318-promo-cap7 realcountry111318-promo-cap8

realcountry111318-promo-cap9 realcountry111318-promo-cap10 realcountry111318-promo-cap11 realcountry111318-promo-cap12

realcountry111318-promo-cap13 realcountry111318-promo-cap14 realcountry111318-promo-cap15 realcountry111318-promo-cap16

realcountry111318-promo-cap17 realcountry111318-promo-cap18 realcountry111318-promo-cap19 realcountry111318-promo-cap20

realcountry111318-promo-cap21 realcountry111318-promo-cap22 realcountry111318-promo-cap23 realcountry111318-promo-cap24

Shania fan Danielle Jacobus attended the finale and walked the Red Carpet with Shania, Travis Tritt, Jake Owen & Graham Bunn - 9/5/18
realcountry111318-daniellejacobus090518-1 realcountry111318-daniellejacobus090518-2 realcountry111318-daniellejacobus090518-3 realcountry111318-daniellejacobus090518-4

realcountry111318-daniellejacobus090518-5 realcountry111318-daniellejacobus090518-6 realcountry111318-daniellejacobus090518-7 realcountry111318-daniellejacobus090518-8

realcountry111318-daniellejacobus090518-9 realcountry111318-daniellejacobus090518-10

Shania out and about in Copenhagen, Denmark while on tour (10/15/18)
Last day in Copenhagen. See you tomorrow Oslo! #ShaniaNOW
shania-copenhagen101518-1 shania-copenhagen101518-2

Shania out and about in Oslo, Norway while on tour (10/16/18)
Goodbye Oslo!

Shania at her home in Switzerland (10/21/18)
Tour break in beautiful Switzerland.

Shania out and about in Switzerland (10/25/18)
Home. | Late night walks.
shania-switzerland102518-1 shania-switzerland102518-2

Shania and her dog Melody out and about in Switzerland (10/27/18)
Morning walks. | <3 (Lake Geneva)
shania-switzerlandmelody102718-1 shania-switzerlandmelody102718-2

Shania and Frederic attending Dita Von Teese's "The Art of the Teese" burlesque show at Théâtre du Léman in Geneva, Switzerland (11/1/18)
An amazing show @ditavonteese
shania-artoftheteese110118-1 shania-artoftheteese110118-2 shania-artoftheteese110118-3

Shania attending Bastian Baker listening party at Claude Nobs' chalet in Caux, Switzerland (11/2/18)
pictured with a fan

Shania attending Circus Knie at the Parc de la Poya in Fribourg, Switzerland (11/3/18)
pictured with acrobat Laura Miller who performs in the circus

Shania out and about in Switzerland (11/8/18)
Touch ups in the whaler on way to fondue on lake Geneva.

Shania arriving in New York City to promote "Real Country" (11/10/18)
Just landed in the big apple (New York City). Ready to talk about @RealCountryTV!

Shania on "TODAY" promoting "Real Country" in New York City (11/13/18)
Videos HERE
shania-todayshow111318-1 shania-todayshow111318-2 shania-todayshow111318-3 shania-todayshow111318-6

shania-todayshow111318-7 shania-todayshow111318-8 shania-todayshow111318-9 shania-todayshow111318-10

shania-todayshow111318-4 shania-todayshow111318-5

Shania on "Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen" promoting "Real Country" in New York City (11/15/18)
Videos HERE
shania-watchwhathappenslive111518-25 shania-watchwhathappenslive111518-26 shania-watchwhathappenslive111518-7 shania-watchwhathappenslive111518-8

shania-watchwhathappenslive111518-1 shania-watchwhathappenslive111518-2 shania-watchwhathappenslive111518-3 shania-watchwhathappenslive111518-4

shania-watchwhathappenslive111518-5 shania-watchwhathappenslive111518-6 shania-watchwhathappenslive111518-9 shania-watchwhathappenslive111518-14

shania-watchwhathappenslive111518-10 shania-watchwhathappenslive111518-11 shania-watchwhathappenslive111518-12 shania-watchwhathappenslive111518-13

shania-watchwhathappenslive111518-15 shania-watchwhathappenslive111518-16 shania-watchwhathappenslive111518-17 shania-watchwhathappenslive111518-18

shania-watchwhathappenslive111518-19 shania-watchwhathappenslive111518-20 shania-watchwhathappenslive111518-21 shania-watchwhathappenslive111518-22

shania-watchwhathappenslive111518-23 shania-watchwhathappenslive111518-24

shania-watchwhathappenslive111518-cap1 shania-watchwhathappenslive111518-cap2 shania-watchwhathappenslive111518-cap3 shania-watchwhathappenslive111518-cap4

shania-watchwhathappenslive111518-cap5 shania-watchwhathappenslive111518-cap6 shania-watchwhathappenslive111518-cap7 shania-watchwhathappenslive111518-cap8

shania-watchwhathappenslive111518-cap9 shania-watchwhathappenslive111518-cap10 shania-watchwhathappenslive111518-cap11 shania-watchwhathappenslive111518-cap12 shania-watchwhathappenslive111518-cap13

Shania leaving New York City after promoting "Real Country" (11/15/18)
Sad to be leaving NY!
Shania ended up not being able to takeoff due to ice on the airplane's wings (Video)
shania-newyorkcityairport111518-1 shania-newyorkcityairport111518-2

Shania attending Celine Dion show at The Colosseum a Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, NV (11/16/18)
From Celine Dion 11/17 - So happy that Shania Twain came to my show last night! Good luck with the rest of your tour, Shania //
Je suis tellement heureuse que Shania Twain soit venue à mon spectacle hier soir! Bonne chance pour le reste de ta tournée, Shania - Céline xx...


Shania being interviewed on "Extra" in Los Angeles, CA (11/19/18)

Shania on "The Voice" promoting "Real Country" (11/19/18)
shania-thevoice111918-1 shania-thevoice111918-2 shania-thevoice111918-3 shania-thevoice111918-4

Shania co-hosting "Entertainment Tonight" (11/20/18)
Videos HERE
shania-entertainmenttonight112018-1 shania-entertainmenttonight112018-2

Shania and Frederic leaving Craig's Restaurant in West Hollywood, CA (11/20/18)
shania-craigsrestaurant112018-1 shania-craigsrestaurant112018-2 shania-craigsrestaurant112018-3

shania-craigsrestaurant112018-4 shania-craigsrestaurant112018-5 shania-craigsrestaurant112018-6

Shania cruising Sydney Harbour in Sydney, Australia while on tour (11/24/18)
Australia, I'm in love!

Shania out and about in Perth, Western Australia while on tour (11/28/18)
Perth! #ShaniaNOW
shania-perthaustralia112818-1 shania-perthaustralia112818-2 shania-perthaustralia112818-3

Shania on "LIVE With Kelly And Ryan" promoting "Real Country" in New York City (Airdate: 12/7/18)
Video HERE

Shania out and about in Melbourne, Australia while on tour (12/10/18)
Games night! #ShaniaNOW
shania-melbourne121018-1 shania-melbourne121018-2

Shania out and about in Melbourne, Australia while on tour (12/11/18)
In Melbourne for a few days, can't wait to play for you guys. Double show = double the fun! #ShaniaNOW

Shania attending Twenty One Pilots concert at Rod Laver Arena in Melbourne, Australia (12/13/18)
Twenty One Pilots plus one!

Shania out and about in Auckland, New Zealand while on tour (12/17/18)

Shania & Bastian Baker having fun in Dunedin, New Zealand while on tour (12/22/18)
From Bastian Baker - The fun before... the fun! New Zealand was truly amazing! Thank you everybody!
Dunedin, any comments on yesterday's final show? Time to go home now! MERRY XMAS AND
HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYBODY. Thanks for a phenomenal 2018! @shaniatwain @ejalikeasia
@fred_thiebaud #newzealand #tour #shanianow #endofthebook #backhome #travels


Shania and her dogs Jett & Melody on Christmas Eve at her home in Switzerland (12/24/18)
Just in the door in Switzerland after 36 hours of travel from New Zealand. Merry Christmas everyone with love from me and my family.

Shania & Bastian Baker in Les Diablerets, Switzerland (12/31/18)
Winter Wonderland in Les Diablerets, Switzerland
shania-switzerland123118-1 shania-switzerland123118-2 shania-switzerland123118-3 shania-switzerland123118-4

From Bastian Baker - 2018 is coming to an end! Time for @shaniatwain and I to wish you all a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!
Lots of love from the Swiss alps! See you all next year! #happynewyear #switzerland #party #alps #shaniatwain #tourmates


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