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Happy New Year from Shania (1/1/18)
Happy new year from Gstaad Switzerland!

Shania singing and playing her guitar (1/2/18)
It's 2018 and that means I can say... I'm going on tour this year!! I can't wait for us to sing my songs together!

Shania serving as a mentor on "The Launch" (Airdate: 1/10/18 | Recorded: 10/2/17)
shania_thelaunch011018_promo1 shania_thelaunch011018_promo6 shania_thelaunch011018_promo7 shania_thelaunch011018_promo2hq

shania_thelaunch011018_promo4a shania_thelaunch011018_promo3 shania_thelaunch011018_promo5

Shania and her dogs Jett and Melody at her home in the Bahamas (1/23/18)
Seconds before this photo was taken I told Jett he couldn't come on tour with me... BUT you guys can!
Get your tickets to my #ShaniaNOW Tour at

Shania attending the Backstreet Boys "Larger Than Life" residency show at The AXIS at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas, NV (2/16/18)
shania_backstreetboys_theaxisplanethollywood021618_2 shania_backstreetboys_theaxisplanethollywood021618_3 shania_backstreetboys_theaxisplanethollywood021618_4

Shania attending Diana Ross residency show at Encore Theater at the Wynn Resort & Casino in Las Vegas, NV (2/17/18)
What an amazing show @DianaRoss put on!

Shania and her dogs Melody and Jett at her home in the Bahamas (3/23/18)
#NationalPuppyDay!! (they're still puppies to me)
shania_bahamasmelodyjett032318_1 shania_bahamasmelodyjett032318_2

Shania and her dog Melody at her home in the Bahamas (3/27/18)
She's not a fan of the fact that I'm leaving for tour.

Shania on "The Big Interview with Dan Rather" (Airdate: 4/3/18)
shania_danrather040318_2 shania_danrather040318_3 shania_danrather040318_4 shania_danrather040318_5

Shania attending the Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival at Empire Polo Club in Indio, CA (4/13/18)
4/14 - Good times at Coachella last night! @NICKIMINAJ @QuavoStuntin @theweeknd @FrencHMonTanA
shania_coachella041318_3 shania_coachella041318_4 shania_coachella041318_1 shania_coachella041318_2

4/15 - This is the return of the space cowboy!
Shania & Fred with Jamiroquai. "Space Cowboy" is a song from Jamiroquai's 1994 album The Return of Space Cowboy.
shania_coachella041318_4jamiroquai shania_coachella041418_1

Shania visiting Canadian Forces Base Esquimalt in Esquimalt, B.C., Canada (4/19/18)
shania_cfbesquimalt041918_jacketshania_cfbesquimalt041918_1 shania_cfbesquimalt041918_8 shania_cfbesquimalt041918_9

shania_cfbesquimalt041918_10 shania_cfbesquimalt041918_11 shania_cfbesquimalt041918_2 shania_cfbesquimalt041918_3

shania_cfbesquimalt041918_4 shania_cfbesquimalt041918_5 shania_cfbesquimalt041918_6 shania_cfbesquimalt041918_7

shania_cfbesquimalt041918_12 shania_cfbesquimalt041918_13 shania_cfbesquimalt041918_14 shania_cfbesquimalt041918_15

shania_cfbesquimalt041918_16 shania_cfbesquimalt041918_17 shania_cfbesquimalt041918_18 shania_cfbesquimalt041918_19

Shania on "TODAY" performing on Rockefeller Plaza in New York City (4/30/18)
Videos HERE
shania_todayshow043018_promo1 shania_todayshow043018_promo2 shania_todayshow043018_7 shania_todayshow043018_1

shania_todayshow043018_2 shania_todayshow043018_3 shania_todayshow043018_4 shania_todayshow043018_5

shania_todayshow043018_6 shania_todayshow043018_9 shania_todayshow043018_10 shania_todayshow043018_11

shania_todayshow043018_12 shania_todayshow043018_13 shania_todayshow043018_14 shania_todayshow043018_15

shania_todayshow043018_16 shania_todayshow043018_17 shania_todayshow043018_18 shania_todayshow043018_19

shania_todayshow043018_20 shania_todayshow043018_21 shania_todayshow043018_27 shania_todayshow043018_28

shania_todayshow043018_29 shania_todayshow043018_30 shania_todayshow043018_31 shania_todayshow043018_32

shania_todayshow043018_33 shania_todayshow043018_34 shania_todayshow043018_35 shania_todayshow043018_36

shania_todayshow043018_37 shania_todayshow043018_38 shania_todayshow043018_39 shania_todayshow043018_40

shania_todayshow043018_41 shania_todayshow043018_22 shania_todayshow043018_8 shania_todayshow043018_23

shania_todayshow043018_24 shania_todayshow043018_25 shania_todayshow043018_26

Shania visiting Prince's Paisley Park in Chanhassen, MN (5/15/18)
An inspiring visit to Paisley Park today. It was a huge compliment when Prince reached out and offered to produce a record with me. I wish that I had been ready.

Shania visiting ConAgra Brands Foods in Omaha, NE while on tour (5/18/18)

Shania and her dog Melody at her home in the Bahamas (5/29/18)

Shania sightseeing in Tampa, FL while on tour (6/2/18)

Shania attending Billboard Country Power Players event at the WestEnd Kitchen & Bar at the Hutton Hotel in Nashville, TN (6/5/18)
Shania honored President and CEO of Sandbox Entertainment Jason Owen (her former manager) as he received the 2018 Executive Of The Year award.
billboardcountrypowerplayers060518_10 billboardcountrypowerplayers060518_11 billboardcountrypowerplayers060518_2 billboardcountrypowerplayers060518_18

billboardcountrypowerplayers060518_1 billboardcountrypowerplayers060518_20 billboardcountrypowerplayers060518_3 billboardcountrypowerplayers060518_8

billboardcountrypowerplayers060518_12 billboardcountrypowerplayers060518_7 billboardcountrypowerplayers060518_9 billboardcountrypowerplayers060518_6

billboardcountrypowerplayers060518_13 billboardcountrypowerplayers060518_14 billboardcountrypowerplayers060518_15 billboardcountrypowerplayers060518_16

billboardcountrypowerplayers060518_17 billboardcountrypowerplayers060518_4 billboardcountrypowerplayers060518_5 billboardcountrypowerplayers060518_19

Shania dining at Kiran's Indian restaurant in Houston, TX while on tour (6/8/18)

Shania in Little Rock, AR while on tour (6/12/18)

Shania out and about in Detroit, MI while on tour (6/15/18)

Shania on "Lip Sync Battle" Shania Twain tribute show (Airdate: 6/21/18 | Recorded: 10/22/17)
Had a blast on @LSB with @derekhough, @NicoleScherzy, @llcoolj & @chrissyteigen!
Tune in Thursday 10:30/9:30c on @ParamountNet. #LipSyncBattle

shania_lipsyncbattle062118_1 shania_lipsyncbattle062118_2 shania_lipsyncbattle062118_3 shania_lipsyncbattle062118_6

shania_lipsyncbattle062118_17 shania_lipsyncbattle062118_9 shania_lipsyncbattle062118_7 shania_lipsyncbattle062118_18

shania_lipsyncbattle062118_4 shania_lipsyncbattle062118_5 shania_lipsyncbattle062118_20 shania_lipsyncbattle062118_15

shania_lipsyncbattle062118_10 shania_lipsyncbattle062118_8 shania_lipsyncbattle062118_13 shania_lipsyncbattle062118_12

shania_lipsyncbattle062118_14 shania_lipsyncbattle062118_16 shania_lipsyncbattle062118_19 shania_lipsyncbattle062118_11 shania_lipsyncbattle062118_21

Shania out and about in Montreal, Quebec while on tour (6/26/18)
shania_montreal062618_1 shania_montreal062618_2 shania_montreal062618_3 shania_montreal062618_4

shania_montreal062618_5 shania_montreal062618_6 shania_montreal062618_7

Shania in Quebec City, Quebec while on tour (6/27/18)
Arrived in beautiful Quebec at 3am. See you guys at the show tomorrow!

Shania hanging out on the beach in the Bahamas (8/8/18)
Some downtime with the dogs before we're in Brazil! #ShaniaNOW

Shania flying to Barretos, S„o Paulo, Brazil for her concert at the Festa do Pe„o de Barretos rodeo festival (8/16/18)
Long flight to Brazil... thank goodness for good reading material! Canít wait to see you all!

Shania horseback riding in Brazil (8/17/18)
Love Brazil!

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