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Shania celebrating New Years in Switzerland (1/1/19)
Happy New Year!! Here's to an amazing 2019!

Shania relaxing as she starts the new year (1/10/19)
Easing into 2019. Hope everyone has had an amazing start to the year!

Shania visiting Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates (1/12/19)
shania-abudhabi011219-1 shania-abudhabi011219-2

Shania horseback riding (1/21/19)
A joy to ride.

Shania out and about in Gstaad, Switzerland (1/27/19)
shania-gstaadswitzerland012719-1 shania-gstaadswitzerland012719-2

Shania doing some artwork (2/5/19)

Shania wearing camouflage pants at her home in Switzerland (2/6/19)
Can you see me?

Shania attending the Backstreet Boys "Larger Than Life" residency show at Zappos Theater at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas, NV (2/8/19)
shania-backstreetboys-zapposplanethollywood020819-1 shania-backstreetboys-zapposplanethollywood020819-2 shania-backstreetboys-zapposplanethollywood020819-4

Mermaid Bake Shop employees

Shania getting ready to go horseback riding (2/10/19)
Gearing up for a ride!

Shania & Frederic celebrating Valentine's Day (2/14/19)
Happy Valentine's Day everyone! Hope you all have an amazing day full of love.

Shania on "Rob And Romesh Vs" (2/22/19)

Shania and Frederic leaving Craig's Restaurant in West Hollywood, CA (2/23/19)
shania-craigsrestaurant022319-1 shania-craigsrestaurant022319-2 shania-craigsrestaurant022319-3 shania-craigsrestaurant022319-4

shania-craigsrestaurant022319-5 shania-craigsrestaurant022319-6 shania-craigsrestaurant022319-7 shania-craigsrestaurant022319-8 shania-craigsrestaurant022319-9

Shania at a storage facility where the NOW tour equipment is being kept (2/26/19)
The #ShaniaNOW Tour is in storage but I’m keeping my guitars!

Shania at a horse stable / buys an Arabian horse in Scottsdale, Arizona (2/28/19)
shania-arizona-horse022819-1 shania-arizona-horse022819-2 shania-arizona-horse022819-3 shania-arizona-horse022819-4

Shania attending the "Wayne Newton: Up Close And Personal" residency show at Cleopatra's Barge at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, NV (3/7/19)

Shania & Frederic attending Gwen Stefani's "Just A Girl" residency show at Zappos Theater at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas, NV (3/9/19)
So glad we got to see you @gwenstefani!! Such a great show!
shania-gwenstefani-zapposplanethollywood030919-1 shania-gwenstefani-zapposplanethollywood030919-2

Shania attending the 23rd annual Keep Memory Alive 'Power of Love Gala' benefit for the
Cleveland Clinic Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health at MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, NV (3/16/19)

Purple Carpet with honoree of the night Lionel Richie
shania-poweroflovegala031619-pre1 shania-poweroflovegala031619-pre2 shania-poweroflovegala031619-pre3 shania-poweroflovegala031619-pre4

shania-poweroflovegala031619-pre5 shania-poweroflovegala031619-pre6 shania-poweroflovegala031619-pre7 shania-poweroflovegala031619-pre8

shania-poweroflovegala031619-pre9 shania-poweroflovegala031619-pre10 shania-poweroflovegala031619-pre14 shania-poweroflovegala031619-pre15

shania-poweroflovegala031619-pre16 shania-poweroflovegala031619-pre17 shania-poweroflovegala031619-pre18 shania-poweroflovegala031619-pre19

shania-poweroflovegala031619-pre23 shania-poweroflovegala031619-pre32 shania-poweroflovegala031619-pre33 shania-poweroflovegala031619-pre20

shania-poweroflovegala031619-pre21 shania-poweroflovegala031619-pre22 shania-poweroflovegala031619-pre11 shania-poweroflovegala031619-pre12

shania-poweroflovegala031619-pre13 shania-poweroflovegala031619-pre24 shania-poweroflovegala031619-pre25 shania-poweroflovegala031619-pre26

shania-poweroflovegala031619-pre27 shania-poweroflovegala031619-pre28 shania-poweroflovegala031619-pre29 shania-poweroflovegala031619-pre30

shania-poweroflovegala031619-pre31 shania-poweroflovegala031619-pre35 shania-poweroflovegala031619-pre36 shania-poweroflovegala031619-pre37

shania-poweroflovegala031619-pre38 shania-poweroflovegala031619-pre39 shania-poweroflovegala031619-pre40 shania-poweroflovegala031619-pre41

shania-poweroflovegala031619-pre42 shania-poweroflovegala031619-pre43 shania-poweroflovegala031619-pre44 shania-poweroflovegala031619-pre45

shania-poweroflovegala031619-pre46 shania-poweroflovegala031619-pre47 shania-poweroflovegala031619-pre48 shania-poweroflovegala031619-pre49

shania-poweroflovegala031619-pre50 shania-poweroflovegala031619-pre51 shania-poweroflovegala031619-pre64 shania-poweroflovegala031619-pre52

shania-poweroflovegala031619-pre53 shania-poweroflovegala031619-pre54 shania-poweroflovegala031619-pre55 shania-poweroflovegala031619-pre56

shania-poweroflovegala031619-pre57 shania-poweroflovegala031619-pre58 shania-poweroflovegala031619-pre59 shania-poweroflovegala031619-pre60

shania-poweroflovegala031619-pre61 shania-poweroflovegala031619-pre62 shania-poweroflovegala031619-pre63 shania-poweroflovegala031619-pre65

shania-poweroflovegala031619-1 shania-poweroflovegala031619-2 shania-poweroflovegala031619-3 shania-poweroflovegala031619-4

shania-poweroflovegala031619-10 shania-poweroflovegala031619-5 shania-poweroflovegala031619-6 shania-poweroflovegala031619-7

shania-poweroflovegala031619-8 shania-poweroflovegala031619-12 shania-poweroflovegala031619-9 shania-poweroflovegala031619-11

shania-poweroflovegala031619-fans1 shania-poweroflovegala031619-fans2 shania-poweroflovegala031619-fans3

Pedro Capo (singer)

Kimberly Friedmutter (author)

Shania & Frederic attending the Bal du Printemps fundraiser at Hotel President Wilson in Geneva, Switzerland (3/21/19)
shania-hotelpresidentwilson-geneva032119-1 shania-hotelpresidentwilson-geneva032119-2 shania-hotelpresidentwilson-geneva032119-3 shania-hotelpresidentwilson-geneva032119-4

shania-hotelpresidentwilson-geneva032119-5 shania-hotelpresidentwilson-geneva032119-6 shania-hotelpresidentwilson-geneva032119-7 shania-hotelpresidentwilson-geneva032119-8 shania-hotelpresidentwilson-geneva032119-9

Shania attending the FC Sion vs. FC Zurich football (soccer) match at Stade de Tourbillon stadium in Sion, Switzerland (3/30/19)

Shania watching "Trading Paint" at her hotel in Las Vegas, NV (4/14/19)
Sunday movie choice!

Shania and Frederic attending the Arabian Breeders World Cup today at South Point Arena & Equestrian Center in Las Vegas, NV (4/14/19)
shania-arabianbreedersworldcup041419-1 shania-arabianbreedersworldcup041419-2 shania-arabianbreedersworldcup041419-3

Shania attending Western Conference First Round Game 4 of the NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs
between the San Jose Sharks and Vegas Golden Knights at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, NV (4/16/19)


Shania attending Western Conference First Round Game 6 of the NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs
between the San Jose Sharks and Vegas Golden Knights at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, NV (4/21/19)

shania-vegasgoldenknights042119-1 shania-vegasgoldenknights042119-2

Shania & Frederic attending the "Piff The Magic Dragon" show at Flamingo Las Vegas in Las Vegas, NV (4/23/19)
So cute! @thepiff
shania-piffthemagicdragon042319-1 shania-piffthemagicdragon042319-2

Shania attending the screening of Ron Howard's "Pavarotti" documentary at Creative Artists Agency in Los Angeles, CA (4/24/19)
Amazing night at the screening of Pavarotti! @RealRonHoward it's brilliant!

Shania attending James Taylor's "James Taylor & His All-Star Band" residency show at The Colosseum at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, NV (4/27/19)
Such an awesome show by @jamestaylor_com at the Colosseum!

Shania & Frederic attending a Mercury Phoenix Trust fundraiser at the Royal Savoy hotel in Lausanne, Switzerland (5/10/19)
shania-mercuryphoenixtrustfundraiser051019-3 shania-mercuryphoenixtrustfundraiser051019-4 shania-mercuryphoenixtrustfundraiser051019-5 shania-mercuryphoenixtrustfundraiser051019-11

shania-mercuryphoenixtrustfundraiser051019-6 shania-mercuryphoenixtrustfundraiser051019-1 shania-mercuryphoenixtrustfundraiser051019-2 shania-mercuryphoenixtrustfundraiser051019-8

shania-mercuryphoenixtrustfundraiser051019-9 shania-mercuryphoenixtrustfundraiser051019-7 shania-mercuryphoenixtrustfundraiser051019-10

After party with members of Bulsara And His Queenies (Queen/Freddie Murcury cover band)
shania-mercuryphoenixtrustfundraiser051019-afterpartybulsara1 shania-mercuryphoenixtrustfundraiser051019-afterpartybulsara2 shania-mercuryphoenixtrustfundraiser051019-afterpartybulsara3 shania-mercuryphoenixtrustfundraiser051019-afterpartybulsara4 shania-mercuryphoenixtrustfundraiser051019-afterpartybulsara5

Shania at Pizzeria La Notizia in Naples, Italy (5/16/19)
(with owner Enzo Coccia)

Shania out and about in Geneva, Switzerland (5/19/19)
Hope you're having a beautiful day wherever you are.

Shania on the set of "I Still Believe" in Mobile, Alabama (May/June 2019)
shania-istillbelieveset053119-1 shania-istillbelieveset053119-2

6/4/19 (Pictured with movie extras, cast & crew)
shania-istillbelieveset060419-mattbreland1 shania-istillbelieveset060419-mattbreland2 shania-istillbelieveset060419-fan1 shania-istillbelieveset060419-fan2

shania-istillbelieveset060419-fan3 shania-istillbelieveset060419-fan4 shania-istillbelieveset060419-fan5 shania-istillbelieveset060419-fan6

shania-istillbelieveset060419-fan7 shania-istillbelieveset060419-fan8 shania-istillbelieveset060419-kevindownes shania-istillbelieveset060419-reubendodd

shania-istillbelieveset-reubendodd shania-istillbelieveset060419-1

Shania & Frederic attending Celine Dion's final Las Vegas residency show (6/8/19)
shania-celinedion-thecolosseum060819-2 shania-celinedion-thecolosseum060819-3 shania-celinedion-thecolosseum060819-4 shania-celinedion-thecolosseum060819-5 shania-celinedion-thecolosseum060819-6

Leaving Celine's after-party

Shania doing her laundry (6/11/19)
Laundry day!

Shania in a New York City hotel room watching Game 6 of the 2019 NBA Finals between the Golden State Warriors and Toronto Raptors (6/13/19)
6/14 - Was it a dream? Edge of my seat last night! We The North!

Associated Press interview photo shoot in Shania's New York City hotel (6/14/19)
shania-vegas-letsgo-ap1 shania-vegas-letsgo-ap2 shania-vegas-letsgo-ap3

shania-vegas-letsgo-ap4 shania-vegas-letsgo-ap5 shania-vegas-letsgo-ap6

Shania out and about in New York City (6/15/19)
I love NY!

Shania announcing her "Let's Go!" Las Vegas residency on "Good Morning America" at ABC Studios in New York City (6/17/19)
Video HERE
shania-gma061719-instagramstories shania-gma061719-1

Shania & Fred out and about in New York City
shania-gma061719-2 shania-gma061719-6 shania-gma061719-3shania-gma061719-4

shania-gma061719-5 shania-gma061719-7 shania-gma061719-8

Shania on "LIVE With Kelly And Ryan" in New York City promoting "Let's Go!" residency (6/18/19)
Video HERE

Shania out and about in New York City
shania-livewithkellyryan061819-2 shania-livewithkellyryan061819-3 shania-livewithkellyryan061819-4

shania-livewithkellyryan061819-5 shania-livewithkellyryan061819-7 shania-livewithkellyryan061819-6

Shania on "Access" promoting "Let's Go!" residency in New York City (Taped: 6/14/19 | Airdate: 6/18/19)

Shania on "Strahan & Sara" promoting "Let's Go!" residency in New York City (Taped: 6/17/19 | Airdate: 6/20/19)
Video HERE
shania-strahanandsara061719-instagram shania-strahanandsara061719-2 shania-strahanandsara061719-1

Shania out and about in Vevey, Switzerland (6/27/19)
The Fête des Vignerons in Vevey Switzerland takes place right here next month. I can't wait! It only happens every twenty years!

Shania attending the Montreux Jazz Festival in Switzerland (6/28/19)
First evening of @MontreuxJazz was awesome! @OfficialSting #montreuxjazzfestival #mjf19 ... And I'm in love with @IbeyiOfficial @MontreuxJazz #mjf19
shania-montreuxjazzfestival062819-1 shania-montreuxjazzfestival062819-2 shania-montreuxjazzfestival062819-4

From @melissamusique (6/30): Still tryna process the other night.... After our show at #MontreuxJazzFestival this amazingness
called Shania, came up to me and told me some super dope things... I won't gush, cuz I'm a professional..
but baaaaaaaaaybeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! I'm HYPE!!! Been a huge fan for yeeeeaars!!! She really is PHENOMENAL!!!
Also, "From this moment" is 1 of the greatest wedding/love songs ever written.. #RandomMoments #Icon #ShaniaTwain #MontreuxJazzFestival


Shania attending Elton John concert at the Montreux Jazz Festival at Stade de la Saussaz (6/29/19)
pictured with Mirko Manfredi and Quincy Jones
shania-montreuxjazzfestival062919-eltonjohn1 shania-montreuxjazzfestival062919-eltonjohn2 shania-montreuxjazzfestival062919-eltonjohn3 shania-montreuxjazzfestival062919-eltonjohn4 shania-montreuxjazzfestival062919-eltonjohn5

Shania attending the Montreux Jazz Festival in Switzerland (6/30/19)
Another great night at @montreuxjazzfestival!! Love @janetjackson! #montreuxjazzfestival
shania-montreuxjazzfestival063019-1 shania-montreuxjazzfestival063019-2

From @djaktive (7/1): What a night...backstage @montreauxjazzfestival... meeting the legendary
best-selling female artists in country music history. @shaniatwain...#Dj Aktive #TheTour #JanetJackson


From @erinstevenson (7/1): Man... I Feel Like A Woman ...WHAT A LADY!!! Jesus... as if the night
couldn't get any more cooler. @shaniatwain Thanks for being so beautiful and cool.. I mean legit cool!!
It was an honor to meet you and I'm praying for everything that's to come for you, your voice, and your shows.
#imafan xoxo #shaniatwain #musicroyalty #countrymusic #erinstevenson #janetjackson #montreaux #montreauxjazzfestival


Shania attending the Montreux Jazz Festival in Switzerland (7/1/19)
pictured with Lewis Capaldi
shania-montreuxjazzfestival070119-lewiscapaldi1 shania-montreuxjazzfestival070119-lewiscapaldi2 shania-montreuxjazzfestival070119-lewiscapaldi3

Shania, Eja, Frederic & Cory Churko attending Slash concert at the Montreux Jazz Festival in Switzerland (7/1/19)
shania-montreuxjazzfestival070119-slash1 shania-montreuxjazzfestival070119-slash2 shania-montreuxjazzfestival070119-slash5 shania-montreuxjazzfestival070119-slash3

shania-montreuxjazzfestival070119-slash8 shania-montreuxjazzfestival070119-slash4 shania-montreuxjazzfestival070119-slash6 shania-montreuxjazzfestival070119-slash7

Shania & Frederic attending ZZ Top concert at the Montreux Jazz Festival in Switzerland (7/2/19)
shania-montreuxjazzfestival070219-zztop1 shania-montreuxjazzfestival070219-zztop2

Shania attending Chilly Gonzales jam session at the Montreux Jazz Festival in Switzerland (7/2/19)
Such a fun night with @chilly_gonzales! #montreuxjazzfestival #mjf19
shania-montreuxjazzfestival070219-chillygonzales1 shania-montreuxjazzfestival070219-chillygonzales2

Shania attending Joan Baez concert at the Montreux Jazz Festival in Switzerland (7/3/19)
Joan Baez!! I just love her voice. Blessed Are... what an album! #mjf19 #montreuxjazzfestival

pictured with Tommy Thayer & Imelda May
shania-montreuxjazzfestival070319-tommythayer1 shania-montreuxjazzfestival070319-tommythayer2 shania-montreuxjazzfestival070319-tommythayer3 shania-montreuxjazzfestival070319-tommythayer4

shania-montreuxjazzfestival070319-tommythayer5 shania-montreuxjazzfestival070319-tommythayer6 shania-montreuxjazzfestival070319-tommythayer7

Shania attending James Blake concert at the Montreux Jazz Festival in Switzerland (7/4/19)
Big fan of @jamesblake's music and his fashion choices.
shania-montreuxjazzfestival070419-jamesblake1 shania-montreuxjazzfestival070419-jamesblake2

Shania attending the Montreux Jazz Festival in Switzerland (7/5/19)
pictured with Ryan Lofthouse & Quincy Jones
shania-montreuxjazzfestival070519-ryanlofthouse1 shania-montreuxjazzfestival070519-ryanlofthouse2

pictured with Matthew Benson, his band & Quincy Jones
shania-montreuxjazzfestival070519-matthewbenson1 shania-montreuxjazzfestival070519-matthewbenson2

pictured with Faouzia
shania-montreuxjazzfestival070519-faouzia1 shania-montreuxjazzfestival070519-faouzia2

pictured with George Ezra & Quincy Jones
shania-montreuxjazzfestival070519-georgeezra1 shania-montreuxjazzfestival070519-georgeezra2

Shania attending Rag 'n Bone Man concert at the Montreux Jazz Festival in Switzerland (7/6/19)

pictured with Ray Parker Jr
shania-montreuxjazzfestival070619-rayparkerjr1 shania-montreuxjazzfestival070619-rayparkerjr2 shania-montreuxjazzfestival070619-rayparkerjr3

Tom Jones visiting Shania in Switzerland (7/8/19)
7/9 - So great to spend some time with @RealSirTomJones while he's here, can't wait to see the show at @MontreuxJazz tonight!

Shania attending Lolo Zouai jam session at the Montreux Jazz Festival in Switzerland (7/8/19)
shania-montreuxjazzfestival070819-lolozouai1 shania-montreuxjazzfestival070819-lolozouai2 shania-montreuxjazzfestival070819-lolozouai3

Shania attending Rita Ora concert at the Montreux Jazz Festival in Switzerland (7/8/19)
shania-montreuxjazzfestival070819-ritaora1 shania-montreuxjazzfestival070819-ritaora1a

Shania attending Tom Jones concert at the Montreux Jazz Festival in Switzerland (7/9/19)
From @RealSirTomJones: After show celebrations with @QuincyDJones & @shaniatwain #TJournal #worldtour #MJF19
shania-montreuxjazzfestival070919-tomjones1 shania-montreuxjazzfestival070919-tomjones2

Shania attending the Montreux Jazz Festival in Switzerland (7/10/19)
pictured with Baye Fall Abdou Diop & Marc Storey
shania-montreuxjazzfestival071019-bayefallabdoudiop1 shania-montreuxjazzfestival071019-bayefallabdoudiop2

pictured with Anita Baker

pictured with Livia Stockli

shania-montreuxjazzfestival071019-1 shania-montreuxjazzfestival071019-2

Shania attending jam session at the Montreux Jazz Festival in Switzerland (7/11/19)
pictured with Tracyan Martin
shania-montreuxjazzfestival071119-1 shania-montreuxjazzfestival071119-tracyanmartin1

pictured with Lizzo and Janelle Monae
I had the best night watching these two phenomenal women at @MontreuxJazz @lizzo @janellemonae
shania-montreuxjazzfestival071119-lizzo1 shania-montreuxjazzfestival071119-lizzojanellemonae shania-montreuxjazzfestival071119-lizzo2

Sam Smith visiting Shania in Switzerland (7/12/19)
So nice to see @samsmith whilst he was here in Montreux.
shania-switzerland-samsmith071219-1 shania-switzerland-samsmith071219-2

Shania attending jam session at the Montreux Jazz Festival in Switzerland (7/13/19)
shania-montreuxjazzfestival071319-1 shania-montreuxjazzfestival071319-2 shania-montreuxjazzfestival071319-3 shania-montreuxjazzfestival071319-5 shania-montreuxjazzfestival071319-4

pictured with Jon Batiste

pictured with Christophe Ramin

pictured with Ibrahim Maalouf

pictured with Moyes Dos Santos

pictured with Daley

pictured with Holly Petrie

pictured with Lauren Jaureugi & Jon Batiste

Shania & Frederic boating on Lake Geneva in Switzerland (7/24/19)

Shania attending Lana Del Rey concert at the Paléo Festival in Nyon, Switzerland (7/24/19)
7/25 - @LanaDelRey put on such a fantastic show at @paleofestival last night!

Shania & part of her "Let's Go!" residency production crew at her home in Switzerland (7/28/19)
Serving some treats while we work hard on my #LetsGoVegas residency! Can't WAIT to share this show with you, my best yet...

Shania celebrating Swiss National Day in Switzerland (8/1/19)

Shania and her dog Melody sitting on the dock on Lake Geneva in Switzerland (8/4/19)
Dogs, boat, lake, guitar... Songs-a-commin

Shania visiting Claude Nobs' chalets in Caux, Switzerland (8/5/19)
pictured with Mirko Manfredi

Shania attending the Fête des Vignerons (Winegrowers' Festival) in Vevey, Switzerland (8/9/19)
Fun at The Fête des Vignerons Vevey Switzerland

Date unknown - possibly 8/8/19

Shania bike riding in Switzerland (8/15/19)
Getting fit for my residency! #LetsGoVegas
shania-switzerland-bikeriding081519-1 shania-switzerland-bikeriding081519-2

Shania & Frederic boating on Lake Geneva in Switzerland (8/15/19)
Beautiful night on the lake.

Shania at her home in Switzerland with Eja's dog Alex and her dogs Melody and Jett (8/24/19)
No afternoon nap for me.

Shania's birthday in Switzerland (8/28/19)
Woke up to this! Thanks to all of you for your birthday wishes!!!

Shania boating on Lake Geneva in Switzerland (8/29/19)
What a beautiful night

Shania & her friend Mirko Manfredi at The Leopard Room Bar & Lounge in Geneva, Switzerland (8/30/19)
shania-switzerland-leopardroom083019-1 shania-switzerland-leopardroom083019-2

Shania working in her home studio in Switzerland (9/1/19)
Sunday studio session

Shania attending Circus Knie at Plaines de Plainpalais in Geneva, Switzerland (9/1/19)
pictured with singer/songwriter Nelly Patty

Shania at her home in Switzerland watching the US Open women's singles final (9/7/19)
CONGRATULATIONS @BiancaAndreescu! You are awesome and you are the first Canadian to win a Grand Slam singles title!

Shania working in her home studio in Switzerland (9/8/19)
Recording some additional vocals in today's studio session.
pictured with Eja's dog Alex

Shania and her dogs Jett and Melody sitting on the dock on Lake Geneva in Switzerland (9/15/19)
The gang's all here!
also pictured with Eja's dog Alex

Shania in a storage room or attic with some collectibles, etc. (9/25/19)

Shania attending "Opium" show at The Cosmopolitan hotel & casino in Las Vegas, NV (10/12/19)
shania-lasvegas-opium101219-1 shania-lasvegas-opium101219-2

Shania leaving Ontario, Canada (10/16/19)
Leaving the Ontario fall leaves!

Shania attending the Cirque du Soleil show "KA" at MGM Grand in Las Vegas, NV (10/23/19)
Such an awesome show!! @Cirque du Soleil KA

Shania attending the Cirque du Soleil show "R.U.N" at Luxor Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, NV (10/26/19)

Text from Shania (11/11/19)
Good morning! I hope you have an awesome week, mine's starting off well.

Shania texting with fans (11/14/19)
Chatting with you guys right now. Join! (702) 500 0715

Shania on "LIVE With Kelly And Ryan" in Las Vegas promoting "Let's Go!" residency (Taped: 11/18/19)
Taped at Paris Theater at Paris Las Vegas hotel & casino
shania-livewithkellyryan111819-taping1 shania-livewithkellyryan111819-taping2 shania-livewithkellyryan111819-taping3 shania-livewithkellyryan111819-taping4

shania-livewithkellyryan111819-taping12 shania-livewithkellyryan111819-taping5 shania-livewithkellyryan111819-taping6 shania-livewithkellyryan111819-taping7

shania-livewithkellyryan111819-taping8 shania-livewithkellyryan111819-taping9 shania-livewithkellyryan111819-taping10 shania-livewithkellyryan111819-taping11

Shania on "Access Daily" in Los Angeles promoting "Let's Go!" residency (Taped: 11/25/19 | Airdate: 11/26/19)
shania-accessdaily112519-1 shania-accessdaily112519-2 shania-accessdaily112519-3

Shania on "The Talk" in Los Angeles promoting "Let's Go!" residency (Taped: 11/25/19 | Airdate: 11/27/19)
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shania-thetalk112519-5 shania-thetalk112519-6 shania-thetalk112519-7 shania-thetalk112519-8

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Text from Shania (11/25/19)
Morning! Rehearsals for Vegas continue! My residency starts in just over a week!! Do you have your tickets??


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