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Shania celebrating New Years in Switzerland (1/3/21)
Celebrated the new year in the mountains. Happy New Year! I hope your 2021 is full of love, health and good times.
shania-newyearsswitzerland010321-1 shania-newyearsswitzerland010321-2

Shania and her horse at her home in Las Vegas, NV (1/31/21)
Happy Sunday!

Shania attending Super Bowl LV in Tampa, FL (2/7/21)
Happy #SuperBowl Sunday! Congrats to the Chiefs & Buccaneers for making it here!
The last time the Buccaneers
were in the Super Bowl I performed the halftime show...
Can't believe that was 18 years ago! Good luck to both teams - Let's Go Guys!
And since there will be more women in on-field roles during Super Bowl LV than ever before LET'S GO GIRLS!

shania-supebowllv020721-1 shania-supebowllv020721-2

Shania and her horse at her home in Las Vegas, NV (2/21/21)
My breakfast buddy!

Shania and her new puppy Camper in Switzerland (4/11/21)
Introducing Camper!! Expect A LOT of puppy videos from here on out! #NationalPetDay

Shania and her dogs Camper and Melody at her home in Switzerland (4/25/21)
Happy Sunday!
shania-switzerlandcampermelody042521-1 shania-switzerlandcampermelody042521-1big

Shania recording music on Denise Rich's yacht in The Bahamas (5/21/21)
with songwriters and producers Stacy Barthe, Shaddy Einstein, Travis Rolle and Skully
shania-stacybarthe052121 shania-stacybarthe052121-2 shania-shaddyeinstein052121-1 shania-shaddyeinstein052121-2

shania-shaddyeinstein052121-3 shania-shaddyeinstein052121-4 shania-shaddyeinstein052121-5 shania-shaddyeinstein052121-6

shania-travisrolle052121-1 shania-travisrolle052121-2 shania-skully052121-1 shania-skully052121-2

Shania working on her new album with producer Ralph Mark in London, England (6/2/21)
with singer/songwriter Georgia

Shania presenting "Artist Of The Year" award at 50th annual Juno Awards (6/6/21)
Let's go @TheJunoAwards
juno2021-tweet060621 juno2021-cap1

Shania wearing a new Shania Kids Can "Up!" T-shirt (6/17/21)
There's no way but UP! from here! Grab yourself one of these cute t-shirts on @Bonfire and donate to a good
cause in the process - all proceeds go to help our @shaniakidscan programs!

Shania passing an ad with a look-alike Camper outside John D. Wood real estate company in London, England (6/27/21)
shania-camperad062721-london1 shania-camperad062721-london2

Shania attending the Montreux Jazz Festival pre-dinner in Switzerland (7/1/21)
From Christian Jungen: Getting in the mood for the Montreux Jazz Festival at the pre-opening dinner with Elke Mayer, Ray Parker Jr., Shania Twain and Bastian Baker

Shania attending the Montreux Jazz Festival's "The Ranch Party" (Shania's Country house) in Switzerland (7/14/21)
From Christian Jungen: It's a wrap: We had a wonderful night at Shania's country house during the
Montreux Jazz Festival. Delicious food, great concerts, hanging out with friends, surrounded by horses
#zurichmeetsmontreux #musicandfilm #zffontheroad #zurichfilmfestival #zffisnext


Shania attending Circus Knie in Rapperswil, Switzerland (7/29/21)
shania-circusknie-bastianbaker072921-1 shania-circusknie-bastianbaker072921-4 shania-circusknie-bastianbaker072921-5 shania-circusknie-bastianbaker072921-2

shania-circusknie-bastianbaker072921-3 shania-circusknie-bastianbaker072921-6 shania-circusknie-bastianbaker072921-7

Shania attending Circus Knie at Plaine de Plainpalais in Geneva, Switzerland (8/31/21)
Fun at Circus Knie! @bastianbaker

Shania attending Emmylou Harris concert at Country Night Gstaad in Gstaad, Switzerland (9/11/21)
Just a photo of me and the real deal! @EmmylouSongbird is one of my heroes. An inspirational songwriter and guitar
player and gorgeous inside and out. I'm so happy to be experiencing live music again, especially when it's this woman!

shania-emmylouharris-countrynightgstaad091121-1 shania-emmylouharris-countrynightgstaad091121-3 shania-emmylouharris-countrynightgstaad091121-2

Shania attending the Green Carpet Opening Night and premiere of "Und morgen seid ihr tot" during
the 17th Zurich Film Festival at Kongresshaus in Zurich, Switzerland (9/23/21)

shania-zurichfilmfestival092321-3 shania-zurichfilmfestival092321-4 shania-zurichfilmfestival092321-5 shania-zurichfilmfestival092321-6

shania-zurichfilmfestival092321-12 shania-zurichfilmfestival092321-13 shania-zurichfilmfestival092321-14 shania-zurichfilmfestival092321-7

shania-zurichfilmfestival092321-8 shania-zurichfilmfestival092321-9 shania-zurichfilmfestival092321-10 shania-zurichfilmfestival092321-11

shania-zurichfilmfestival092321-16 shania-zurichfilmfestival092321-19 shania-zurichfilmfestival092321-2 shania-zurichfilmfestival092321-1

shania-zurichfilmfestival092321-17 shania-zurichfilmfestival092321-18 shania-zurichfilmfestival092321-22 shania-zurichfilmfestival092321-20 shania-zurichfilmfestival092321-21

Shania attending Golden Icon Award (Sharon Stone) ceremony and "Casino" screening during
the 17th Zurich Film Festival at Kino Corso in Zurich, Switzerland (9/25/21)

shania-zurichfilmfestival092521-2 shania-zurichfilmfestival092521-3 shania-zurichfilmfestival092521-4 shania-zurichfilmfestival092521-5

shania-zurichfilmfestival092521-6 shania-zurichfilmfestival092521-7 shania-zurichfilmfestival092521-8 shania-zurichfilmfestival092521-9

shania-zurichfilmfestival092521-10 shania-zurichfilmfestival092521-11 shania-zurichfilmfestival092521-12 shania-zurichfilmfestival092521-13

shania-zurichfilmfestival092521-14 shania-zurichfilmfestival092521-15 shania-zurichfilmfestival092521-16 shania-zurichfilmfestival092521-17

shania-zurichfilmfestival092521-18 shania-zurichfilmfestival092521-19 shania-zurichfilmfestival092521-20 shania-zurichfilmfestival092521-21

shania-zurichfilmfestival092521-22 shania-zurichfilmfestival092521-1 shania-zurichfilmfestival092521-23 shania-zurichfilmfestival092521-24

Shania attending the ZFF Summit Dinner and performing with the All-Star band during the 17th Zurich Film Festival in Zurich, Switzerland (9/26/21)
Pictured with Michael de Luca, Pamela Abdy and Christian Jungen (ZFF Artistic Director)
shania-zurichfilmfestival092621-summitdinner1 shania-zurichfilmfestival092621-summitdinner2 shania-zurichfilmfestival092621-summitdinner3 shania-zurichfilmfestival092621-summitdinner4 shania-zurichfilmfestival092621-allstarband1

Shania attending the 17th Zurich Film Festival in Zurich, Switzerland (9/29/21)
Pictured with songwriter Eric Benet

Text from Shania (10/7/21)
Inspiration struck while waiting for the elevator

Shania at BARNES Gstaad Valley - Pays-d'Enhaut real estate agency in Gstaad, Switzerland (10/30/21)
Hanging out with rhinestone friends in Gstaad. Hope you're having a gorgeous Saturday!

Shania promos for Shania Kids Can holiday-themed merchandise (11/1/21)
shaniakidscan-officialmerchandise-holidays2021-1 shaniakidscan-officialmerchandise-holidays2021-2 shaniakidscan-officialmerchandise-holidays2021-3

shaniakidscan-officialmerchandise-holidays2021-4 shaniakidscan-officialmerchandise-holidays2021-5 shaniakidscan-officialmerchandise-holidays2021-6

Shania on "The Pet Show" - UK (11/7/21)
shania-thepetshow110721-1 shania-thepetshow110721-2 shania-thepetshow110721-3 shania-thepetshow110721-4

Shania attending Edmonton Oilers vs. Vegas Golden Knights hockey game at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, NV (11/27/21)
shania-vegasgoldenknights112721-1 shania-vegasgoldenknights112721-2 shania-vegasgoldenknights112721-3

Shania attending the 8th anniversary celebration of Mondays Dark at The Theater at Virgin Hotels in Las Vegas, NV (12/13/21)
with host Mark Shunock
shania-mondaysdark121321-1 shania-mondaysdark121321-2 shania-mondaysdark121321-3 shania-mondaysdark121321-4

shania-mondaysdark121321-5 shania-mondaysdark121321-6 shania-mondaysdark121321-7 shania-mondaysdark121321-8

Shania on Christmas day at her home in Las Vegas, NV (12/25/21)
Merry Christmas everyone!

Shania attending Denver Broncos vs. Las Vegas Raiders football game at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas, NV (12/26/21)
shania-lasvegasraiders122621-1 shania-lasvegasraiders122621-2

with singer Montell Jordan

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